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United Way Investment Information

Community Impact Funding - inside the Allocations process

United Way of Greater Yankton’s approach to investing into local human service programs is based on the belief that the interests of our community are best served when a unified process is used to make investment decisions. It ensures fiscal and program accountability for all agencies receiving United Way funds while meeting the social services needs of the community. In the process, volunteers analyze each agency’s effectiveness at providing services, review the need for programs in the region, and analyze the impact of United Way funding in meeting those needs. 

As good stewards of community contributions, United Way must assure that services meet changing needs, accepted standards and reflect effective and efficient use of funds.United Way’s Allocations Committee is the point at which community financial resources and the needs of the people meet.  Sometimes difficult decisions are made considering overall community priorities and available funding potential.

United Way’s Allocations Committee is given the responsibility of reviewing funding applications and determining whether those applications, presented yearly by participating agencies, show an accurate analysis of program services and dollars required for such operations. Members of this committee are volunteers – community members who give their time and thought to study agency and community needs in relation to available funds.

Through objective study and judgement, this committee represents the citizen-givers in determining how contributed funds can best be granted for the most effective well-balanced community services.

United Way of Greater Yankton utilizes a numerical scoring system for evaluation of agencies and programs that will receive Community Impact Grant Awards. The primary purpose of this system is to objectify the process and to gain a common ground to make funding decisions. The following is a brief overview of factors reviewed by United Way’s Allocation Committee when determining investments into local agencies. 

Partner Agency Expectations

Is the agency a well-managed and efficient 501c3? How well does the agency maintain is relationship with United Way? 

Financial Need

Is the agency financially responsible and how serious is the need for United Way funding? 

Program Impact, Need & Evaluation

Impact: Are program goals and outcomes set and achieved? How does the program fit into United Way’s 3 priority funding areas, Education, Financial Stability & Health? How efficiently is the program delivered to target population? 

Need: How well does the agency establish the need for the program? What support data is offered to support this? How does that established need fit the needs matrix of the community? 

Evaluation: How does the agency measure effectiveness? Does the agency successfully collaborate with other human service providers to achieve goals? 

In the greater Yankton community, as in most places, the United Way dollar represents only a part of the total annual expenditures for local services. As such, it is important that United Way dollars are used to invest in effective, meaningful, unduplicated services from partner agencies at the lowest cost to the giving public. 


Community Impact Grants

United Way of Greater Yankton Community Impact Grants are how we invest local dollars to address specific community centered issues. Funding decisions are made through an annual competitive application process. Awardees are high performing 501c(3) human service organizations that provide programs and services aligned with our three strategic priority areas of Education, Financial Stability, and Health. Community Impact Grant applications for 2020 funding are no longer available. 2021 grants will be introduced in March of 2020.


Community Impact Grant - 2020 funding applications no longer available. 

United Way Community Impact investments address priority outcomes in Education, Financial Stability and/or Health.  Investments to local 501c(3) organizations, through United Way's Community Impact Grant will be over $5,000 annually. Quarterly Impact Reporting will be required from all awardees.

Community Impact Mini Grant - 2020 funding applications no longer available. 

United Way of Greater Yankton is pleased to announce the availability of Community Impact Mini Grants for distribution to 501(c)(3) organizations in the greater Yankton area focused on Education, Financial Stability and/or Health. Investments to local 501c(3) organizations, through United Way's Community Impact Mini Grant will not exceed $5,000 annually. An annual Achievement Report will be required from all awardees. 

Connecting Kids Youth Scholarships - 2020 funding applications no longer available. 

United Way of Greater Yankton will fund creative projects generated, planned and implemented by youth for the betterment of their school or community. United Way of Greater Yankton will assist organizations with registration fees/scholarships for youth unable to afford the fees; youth training/education; adult training/education programs geared toward working with youth; special youth programs and/or speakers; equipment and/or equipment upgrades for youth organizations; necessities and/or supplies used for youth projects. An annual Achievement Report will be required from all awardees.


Art Education Grant - 2020 funding applications no longer available. 

To enrich the lives of community members through art and cultural experiences, United Way of Greater Yankton is offering Art Education Grants to 501(c)(3) organizations that provide accessible and affordable art and/or cultural education to the greater Yankton Community. An annual Achievement Report will be required from all awardees.


Venture Grants

To help make a difference in the lives of our neighbors, United Way of Greater Yankton is offering Venture Grants to 501c(3) non-profit organizations. Venture Grants offer human service agencies an opportunity to seek funds for immediate and creative response to the most pressing human needs in our community. Venture Grants are time-limited. In most cases, where a Venture Grant is awarded, no commitment for continued support is made. These grants are available for innovative projects conducted by member and non-member agencies in the community. 

There are two types of Venture Grants available: 

Seed Money Grants – intended to provide short-term support for start-up or untried programs or research and/or development.

Delivery Enhancement Grants – intended to enhance the capacity of existing agencies or delivery systems. This grant can help foster improved coordination and help agencies develop administrative mechanisms.

Venture Grants can be submitted at any time and are generally funded for a period not to exceed 12 months. At the completion of the project, a final Achievement Report is to be submitted to the United Way Office at 610 W 23rd Street , Suite 11, Yankton, SD 57078

Questions may be directed to Lauren Hanson, Executive Director at (605) 665- 6766 or email

Application for Venture Grant