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We all know a good night’s sleep can be life changing. Each year, thanks to a partnership with Slumberland of Yankton’s Holiday Bed Program, referred families throughout the community are provided with a much-needed restful night’s sleep. Each and every year, Yankton Knights of Columbus members volunteer their time to deliver beds to families in need. This past December, while loading 23 beds into their trucks, members of Knights of Columbus, were surprised and presented the United Way & Volunteer Services of Greater Yankton Volunteer of the Month Award for their dedication to serving local families.

Thank you to the Knights of Columbus for delivering the beds, for warming hearts and bringing hope to many.

We asked Darold Haberman from the Yankton Knights of Columbus to share more about their council and volunteer work.

How long have you been active in Yankton?

Yankton Knights of Columbus, Marty Council # 1536, was incorporated in 1911.


Please provide a brief description of your mission, how many members, etc:

Knights of Columbus is a men’s Catholic fraternal organization founded by Fr. Michael McGivney on March 29, 1882. Knights of Columbus supports; charities, scholarships, student loans, religious vocations, community banquet, special parish projects, family life, patriotism, and other community projects. We have 300 plus members, from the age of 20 to plus 90 years young.


Why do your members feel it is important to give back through volunteering?

Because that’s what we are all about, giving of our time and talents for the charities we support. The Knights are known locally, statewide, and nationally as the “Right arm of the Church”. Our mission is to serve.


Where does your group volunteer at?

As a group, Knights of Columbus helps during the Slumberland Bed delivery, we provide the necessary food and serve the community banquet annually, bag groceries (at Christmas), and carry out groceries for those in need at the Contact Center (over a period of 2 days), assist with the Roger Haas basketball tournament, provide ushers for funerals, host a monthly breakfast fundraisers, and organize an annual charity drive just to name a few of the projects we participate in.


Approximate hours per year your members volunteer:

Knights of Columbus, as a whole, volunteers approximately 1,500 to 2,000 hours annually, depending on the projects taken on during the course of the year.


Volunteer work is enjoyable to your group because:

That’s what the Knights of Columbus are all about, helping those in need. Some of our members help out with the same projects each year because they enjoy it that much! Our members enjoy working together with local volunteer groups and non-profit agencies because “Together we can make a difference”.


Tell us one of your group’s best volunteer experiences:

Our members enjoy the fellowship we experience while serving our community during our charitable activities. Personally, I find it very rewarding every year to help at the Contact Center during Christmas. It’s a new experience each year. I find it a very humbling experience, and I receive so much more than I give. I’m certain all of our members would respond by saying that they feel blessed to serve our community.


The advice we would give to those thinking about getting out there and volunteering:

Just do it, it’s very fulfilling and rewarding.


For more information on local volunteer opportunities, or to nominate a Volunteer of the Month, visit, email or call (605)665-6766.

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