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Responsibilities of Board Members & Committees

Board Members

1. Financially support and promote the United Way & Volunteer Services.

2. Attend monthly Board of Directors meeting.

3. Attend committee meetings as needed. Each Director is asked to serve on the Allocation, Campaign, or Finance Committee.

4. Attend United Way & Volunteer Services functions - Campaign Kick-Off, Community Volunteer Celebration, corporate Annual Meeting, etc.

5. Assist with the annual campaign drive.

6. Maintain regular contact with liaison agency.

7. Become familiar with each partner agencies’ programs and needs and how they serve the community.

Executive Committee (Board Officers)

1. Represent United Way & Volunteer Services at community functions.

2. Identify problems, address and resolve them.

3. Review By-Laws periodically.

4. Establish committees as needed.

5. Conduct annual evaluation of Executive Director.

Allocations Committee

1. Review partner agency programs/funding requests and recommend to Board.

2. Review additional community needs and possible implementation.

3. Oversee liaison program of board members and partner agencies.

Campaign Committee

1. Determine strategy for campaign.

2. Develop operational timetable.

3. Develop year-round marketing strategy - campaign and volunteer.

4. Oversee volunteer program.

5. Oversee Annual Fundraiser.

Finance Committee

1. Oversee operating finances, annual budget preparation and audit.