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2024 March Volunteer of the Month - Neva Tirrel

ZoeCare is a pregnancy resource center in Yankton. Neva Tirrel has been volunteering there as a receptionist since January of 2021, serving as a huge asset to the organization. She dedicates her time to ZoeCare every Monda, and other times as needed.

Neva is an artist, and her artistic talents show through as she helps come up with clever ways to promote ZoeCare. The ZoeCare offices have some of her paintings on display. Her pleasant and loving nature shows through to women and children as she greets them in her motherly way. She even draws with the children at her desk. She loves to share recipes like her Sour Dough starters to encourage her fellow volunteers and staff to try new things. The light she brings to ZoeCare is bright!!

Not everyone who is retired is willing to put themselves on the front line of caring for women and families. Many women visiting ZoeCare are faced with unplanned pregnancies and many also suffer from abuse and poverty. The empathy and unconditional love that Neva shows is what makes her a fantastic volunteer!

Because of her caring and commitment to making people feel comfortable and special, United Way & Volunteer Services of Greater Yankton was honored to present Neva Tirrel with the March 2024 Volunteer of the Month Award.

We asked Neva to share more about her volunteerism, in her own words:

We have lived in Yankton since 1988.

I began volunteering at ZoeCare in 2021, but also volunteered in various church public functions since 1994.

I volunteer at ZoeCare but also at my church in the nursery.

Volunteer work is enjoyable because I have received help so many times from so many kind people. I am so blessed to have an opportunity to give back.

My best volunteer experience at ZoeCare is holding a young mother’s baby.

Thank you, Neva, for all you do. To learn more about local volunteer opportunities or to nominate someone for United Way’s Volunteer of the Month Award, please visit, email, or call United Way of Greater Yankton at (605) 665-6766

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