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June 2021 Volunteer of the Month - Bob & Linda Peitz

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the urgency to administer vaccines as quickly as possible, hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide are relying on community volunteers to assist in vaccine distribution.

Here in Yankton, the Avera Vaccine Clinic has seen first-hand the enormous impact of volunteers as they join in unity to address community needs. Since January, local community members, Bob and Linda Peitz, have contributed their time and passion for community as volunteers during Avera’s Vaccine Clinics at the Yankton Mall.

According to Elizabeth Healy, Vaccine Coordinator at Avera Sacred Heart Hospital, “Bob and Linda have volunteered their time to almost every single vaccine clinic here in Yankton. They were both an integral part in making sure these clinics ran smooth, people did not have to wait, and data was entered correctly for future use. Our team at Avera appreciated them both very much!”

Because of their dedication and helpful smiles, United Way & Volunteer Services of Greater Yankton was honored to present both Bob and Linda with the June 2021 Volunteer of the Month Award.

We asked the couple to share more about their community volunteer efforts.

“We began volunteering many years ago with church activities and since then have worked with Toys for Kids, giving rides to church for others when needed, rescuing animals, and most recently running the camera and audio for church services during the pandemic as well as assisting at the Avera Covid Vaccine Clinics.

Since we are both retired, we enjoy helping where we are needed because the satisfaction of helping is reward. The people we have met while working at Avera’s Covid Vaccine Clinic has been a joy to us seeing the gratitude of those receiving their vaccinations. To see tears of joy from some of the vaccination recipients who feel they were regaining their independence was priceless.

We wish to say a special thank you to the other volunteers and staff of Avera who worked tirelessly during the clinics.

For those who are considering volunteering in any capacity or for any activity, do so because what is received in satisfaction greatly outweighs the investment of the work of giving.”

To learn more about local volunteer opportunities or to nominate a Volunteer of the Month, please visit, email or call United Way at (605) 665-6766.

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