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Pam Kettering Spirit of Volunteerism Award Winner - Dr. Tim Irwin

At United Way and Volunteer Services of Greater Yankton, we believe that volunteers are essential in making our community a better place, where all members are healthy, successful, and thriving.

For over 25 years, United Way has thanked and highlighted extraordinary community leaders through our Volunteer of the Year award. In 2016, in honor of our 60th Community Campaign, the United Way Board of Directors announced they would rename the annual honor after long-time volunteer, advocate and community leader, Pam Kettering.

Nominees for the 2022/2023 Pam Kettering Spirit of Volunteerism Award are recent United Way Volunteer of the Month recipients. These volunteers were nominated by their peers for their incredible work fighting for our community. Nominees include Dale Stibral, Dr Tim Irwin, Pracilla Mazourek, Mary Fiedler, Yankton County Search and Rescue, Yankton Community Feast Committee, Rich Larson, Chris Marlow, Sarah Brandt, Peggy Schurman, Heidi Hassing, and Mary Schwietzer.

During United Way’s recent Community Campaign Kickoff and Appreciation Event, the annual Pam Kettering Spirit of Volunteerism Award was presented to a community member who demonstrates a strong, dedicated and healing spirit, Dr. Tim Irwin. At Servant Hearts Clinic, Dr. Tim Irwin serves in many roles: board member, volunteer physician, medical student supervising physician, team leader for various committees, and much more. Outside of his busy practice, other volunteer commitments, and his family, Dr. Irwin is the backbone of Servant Hearts Clinic. He continually works to provide quality care for all patients with innovative ideas, especially utilizing future physicians. Patients are always at the center of all his decisions.

Servant Hearts Clinic is a free, faith-based clinic to assist the uninsured or the underinsured in our community. No proof of insurance or income is required. Everyone, including those who have health insurance, is welcome as a patient at Servant Hearts Clinic.

Frani Kieffer, Executive Director of Servant Hearts Clinic said, “Dr. Tim Irwin goes above and beyond. He is a respected cardiologist with a young family. Even with his busy schedule, Servant Hearts Clinic is his passion. He is dedicated to the mission of Servant Hearts Clinic and ensuring it continues and thrives. Whether he is assisting with IT issues, recruiting physicians, or taking care of patients who have no other access to health care, Dr. Irwin is making his community a better place for everyone.”

We asked Dr. Irwin to share more about his volunteer service here in the greater Yankton community:

What does the Pam Kettering Spirit of Volunteerism award mean to you?

“I view the Pam Kettering Spirit of Volunteerism award as a great honor that recognizes those altruistic greats among us. I am humbled, as I don't consider myself in that group, and honored that others would. I am blessed to part of an incredible team and could not do this work without them.”

How has volunteerism changed or affected your life?

“It provides focus for my 'why'. I started volunteering at free medical clinics prior to medical school, continued through every stage of training, and thereafter. It was a deeply moving experience that solidified my decision to go into medicine and helped to guide my choices leading me to my current specialization."

What advice would you give to others interested in volunteering?

“Stop thinking, and just give it a try. In the grand scheme, it is very little time but to others can make such a powerful impact. If we each gave just a scrap of our time, imagine the good we could bring to this world."

Dr. Irwin, we are inspired by your dedication to the greater Yankton community and your commitment to serving others. Thank you & congratulations!

For more information on local volunteer opportunities or to nominate a Volunteer of the Month, please visit

To learn more about United Way and Volunteer Services of Greater Yankton call (605) 665-6766 or email

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