Our data-based problem solving helps to identify and allocate resources to the areas of greatest need in our community.


Rather than just doing what feels right, we use evidence and analysis to find issues in our community and put resources toward solving them. We proactively identify issues in our local community.

  • We conduct and compile research about the issue to understand the best ways to address it.

  • We decide on a plan and convene other nonprofits who can help.

  • We create programs and marshal volunteers to take action. 

  • We measure our impact over time to ensure that our resources are being used effectively.


Foundations and other nonprofit entities need research to fund and grow their projects. We can help.

We offer access to research on complex social issues that can help provide a basis for your good works.

United Way has a mission to provide quality education and the tools needed to be sucessful in life. 

Statistics show that 91% of students in Yankton graduate high school!

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Your support of our programs creates a long lasting positive affect in our community!

United Way believes that everyone deserves dental health care. 

Last year Delta Dental Mobile, made free dental care possible for 37 youth.


65% of those youth were suffering from tooth decay.

United Way supports programs like Pathway's Shelter for the Homeless.

Pathway's not only provides a room to sleep in, but it also provides food, clothing, toiletries, and other necessities so they can start saving their own money and get back on their feet.


This, paired with program resources and individualized case plans, give clients every opportunity for success.