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March 2022 Volunteer of the Month - Delores Nelson

Ever since the Yankton Community Library’s’ “Friends of the Library” group was forming and in need of volunteers, Delores Nelson has been behind the scenes, volunteering in support of valuable community services. Her work has enhanced the activities and goals of the Yankton Community Library and has encompassed everything from pouring tea at a Fancy Nancy party to judging staff team building competitions.

Delores has been volunteering at the Yankton Community Library for 30 years, sharing on average 4 hours of service per week, equating to over 6,000 community volunteer hours. Because of this dedication, United Way & Volunteer Services of Greater Yankton was honored to present Delores Nelson with the March 2022 Volunteer of the Month Award.

Library staff describe Delores as kind, helpful, reliable, and spunky. Delores is a part of the library family, and they think everything about her is special!

Dana Schmidt, Director of the Yankton Community Library shared, “We are grateful to have Delores volunteering here for so many years. We always love to see her and appreciate her willingness to help enhance the fun of our programs and to keep things running smoothly with all the tasks she performs. She makes us laugh and never questions our crazy and creative ideas.”

We asked Delores to share more about her volunteer efforts.

“I have lived in Yankton since 1953 and began volunteering at the library 30 years ago!”

“I have volunteered at the Yankton Community Library, Treasurer of Women’s United, and as Treasurer at Yankton Area Arts Association.”

“Volunteer work is enjoyable because I like getting to see and know people. I get to work with great people at the library. We laugh and joke. I also love to read; and the library has a large variety of books.”

“The advice I would give to those thinking about getting out there and volunteering in their communities is just try it! A lot of us have spare time. Start with something you think you will be comfortable with or try something totally new!”

Thank you, Delores for your extraordinary efforts!

To learn more about local volunteer opportunities or to nominate a Volunteer of the Month, please visit, email or call United Way of Greater Yankton at (605) 665-6766.

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